Local bans that stand: New York towns win legal challenges to fracking ban ordinances

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Everyone fighting to protect our lives, the environment, our states, and our planet from the suicidal, poisionous invasion of fracking is celebrating the two wins in New York state last week declaring the Dryden and Middlefield fracking ban local ordinances legal. In two separate court opinions, judges found that the people in local communities have the power to stand up to multinational gas corporations.

Maura Stephens, of the Park Center for Independent Media at Ithaca College and a co-founder of Coalition to Protect New York, writes in Yes! Magazine about the grassroots groups in Dryden and Middlefield and how they organized to pass local ban ordinances:

Fracking Bans that Can Stand

In New York, judges are standing up for communities’ rights to say no to corporate drilling.
posted Feb 29, 2012


Farms Fight Fracking by Not An Alternative

Photo by Not An Alternative.

In New York State, some 82 towns and counties have passed ordinances outlawing fracking, a natural gas drilling method known for causing severe water pollution. Another 35 have ordinances in the works. But until last week, no one knew quite what would happen when those ordinances were—inevitably—challenged by drilling companies.

Now, in a resounding win for activists, two different state Supreme Court justices have upheld fracking bans in two different New York towns.

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The Dryden decision can be found here

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The Middlefield decision can be found here: Middlefield-decison

More articles about the court decisions in New York:

In Michigan

No Michigan community has passed a local ban ordinance (local law). Detroit, Ferndale and Wayne County have passed resolutions declaring support for a statewide ban and a national ban on fracking, but did not actually ban the fracking industry within its borders.

Ban Michigan Fracking is working with communities on real fracking ban ordinances and is working on a statewide ban.

Contact us about working on a local ban in your community by writing us at info at banmichiganfracking dot org

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Andrew Meyer, “Get the frack out of town:” Preemption Challenges to Local Fracking Bans in New York, Columbia Journal of Environmental Law, Field Reports 2012.