“New York Should Become First State to Ban Fracking”

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Michigan is rooting for New York state… and we hope others, including Michigan, will be close behind! This is what Adelaide Park Gomer, who received the Advocacy Award from Common Cause on November 30, 2011, for her tireless work in fighting fracking in New York State, said, as posted in AlterNet:

New York Should Become First State to Ban Fracking

December 6, 2011 | AlterNet
We believe that the pillars of the 21st century are clean water and air, alternative energy, and economic justice,” Gomer said upon receiving the Advocacy Award from Common Cause.

Adelaide Park Gomer, president of the Park Foundation based in Ithaca, New York, received the Advocacy Award from Common Cause for her work fighting fracking. Gomer is as a knowledgeable and passionate defender of independent media, environmental sustainability, and higher education, as well as of democratic and transparent governance.

She and the Park Foundation have been among the staunchest supporters of the antifracking movement in New York, as the gas industry is poised to begin this dangerous, dirty, and destructive practice throughout much of the state, should Governor Andrew Cuomo give it the green light-which could happen very soon despite the overwhelming evidence that fracking poisons air, water, soil and food supply, endangers public health, and shows no long-term economic benefit.

The award was given at a banquet held in New York City on November 29, 2011. Among the guests were many grassroots activists, NGO staff members, and and independent journalists whose antifracking, pro-environmental, or reporting work has been supported by Gomer’s and the Park Foundation’s philanthropy. During her speech, Gomer was interrupted by applause numerous times and received two standing ovations.

Read the speech she delivered in accepting the award

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