Songs for the movement

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Sing and fight!   Right was the tyrant king
Who said: “Beware of a movement that sings.”

Preamble to the IWW’s Little Red Songbook, first published in 1909.

Sarah Beatty

Sarah Beatty: Prehistoric Sludge

Sarah Beatty, guitar, vocals.


Jane Fallon

Jane Fallon: Northern White

Jane Fallon, guitar, vocals.

“Northern White” won First Place in the Woody Guthrie Songwriting Competition 2015.



Bev Grant

Bev Grant: Get The Frack Outta Here

Bev Grant, guitar, vocals, song; Ina May Wool, vocals; Daniel A. Weiss, dobro, Trilian bass, mandolin, drum programming, producer, engineer, song; John Kramer, photo.


Karen Hudson

Karen Hudson: Burden To Prove

Karen Hudson: guitar, vocals.


Sue Jeffers

Sue Jeffers: Dr. Sue’s Talking – Fracking – Blues

Sue Jeffers: guitar, vocals.




Colleen Kattau

Colleen Kattau: Mama Don’t Allow No Hydrofrackin’

Colleen Kattau, guitar, vocals; Mike Brandt, bass; Jamie Yaman, saxaphone; Ben de la Garza, lead guitar.



Joel Landy

Joel Landy: Don’t Frack With Me

Joel Landy, guitar, vocals.




Dave Lippman

Dave Lippman: What The Frack?

Dave Lippman, guitar, vocals; Dan Weiss, other instruments, producer; Bev Grant, backup vocals.



Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner

Magpie: Fire In The Water

Greg Artzner, guitar, vocals; Terry Leonino, mandolin, harmonica, vocals.



David Rovics

David Rovics: Oil Train

David Rovics, guitar, vocals; Tatjana Ingold, photo.




Neil Young

Neil Young: Who’s Gonna Stand Up?

Neil Young, guitar, vocals.




Roy Zimmerman

Roy Zimmerman: The Faucet’s On Fire

Roy Zimmerman, guitar, vocals; Joe Zimmerman, photo.



Thanks to the above artists and to People’s Music Network for allowing Ban Michigan Fracking to showcase the songs submitted to Network’s August-September Song of the Month

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