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Ban Michigan Fracking in the news:

Holloway, Michael D., mention in the book Fracking: further investigations into the environmental considerations and operations of hydraulic fracturing, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2018, p. 507.

Stateside Staff, “State on track to see fewest drilling permits since 1927,” Interlochen Public Radio, 9/28/2016.

Fair, David, “Issues of the environment: the effort to put fracking to a public vote,” Interview with LuAnne Kozma, WEMU Radio, 6/29/2016.

“Ban Michigan Fracking calls on EPA to halt DEQ application,” Hastings Banner, 2/25/2016.

Seigel, Ron, “Will State allow firm to poison Detroit?” Voice of Detroit, 9/12/2015.

“Ban Fracking,” Keweenaw Report, 4/15/2015.

Grevatt, Martha, “‘Drill baby drill’? Not so fast,” Workers World, 9/7/2014.

Smith, Heather. “One woman’s odyssey to find Michigan’s anti-fracking movement,” Grist Magazine,  8/22/2014.

Wheeler, Jacob, “Michigan’s fracking bonanza challenges state regulators to balance economic benefits with public health concerns,” The Center for Michigan/Bridge Magazine/MLive, 5/20/2014.

Kozma, LuAnne, Letter to the editor: “Fracking has economic consequences,” Battle Creek Enquirer, 5/9/2014.

Boal, Ellis. “Judge stops US-record frack wells in Michigan,” Solidarity, 1/30/2014.

Flesher, John, “Study: new gas development boom unlikely in Mich.,” Channel 62 CBS Detroit, 9/5/2013.

Harger, Jim. “Pros and cons of ‘fracking’ debated in Ottawa County,” MLive, 7/18/2013.

Proxmire, Crystal A., “Fracking forum coming to Ferndale April 23,” Oakland County Times, 4/16/2013.

Allen, Bob, “Group questions DEQ approval of use  of fracking fluids on roads,” Michigan Radio, 1/17/2013.

Lesert, Maryann, “Michiganders fight fracking on state land,” In These Times,  11/2/2012.

Inglot, Sam, “Frack this: six arrested, five face felony charges at anti-fracking protest at Lansing Center,” Lansing City Pulse, 10/24/2012.,8376

Smith, Jeff, “Report back from what the frack is going on in Michigan event,” GRIID,  10/15/2012.

Smith, Lee, “Fracking in Michigan: what are the concerns?” Our Midland, 9/23/2012.

“Fracking: the environmental community has diverse approaches,” WMEAC, 8/27/2012.

Spear, Stephanie, “Citizen-led ballot initiative to ban fracking begins in Michigan,” EcoWatch, 5/15/2012.

On TV News at Gladwin County meeting held by DEQ/DNR, 4/12/2012: County:

Hughes, Deanna, Letter to the Editor “We need to ban fracking,” Gladwin County Record, 4/10/2012.

Sean Dalton, Washtenaw County: Anti-fracking movement coalesces around Washtenaw County, 4/6/2012.

The Hastings Banner, Oil and gas leases being signed across Barry County, 4/5/2012

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Tina Lam, Oil boom fears flow in pristine Irish HillsDetroit Free Press, 3/18/2012.

Hilary and Kurt Gleichman, Heritage Newspapers, Letter to the Editor: Stop fracking, contact local legislators, by Kurt and Hilary Gleichman, 3/1/2012

Janice Bruce LTE, MLive, Letter to the editor by Janice Bruce, 2/20/2012.

Melissa Beauchamp, Students protest ‘fracking’ Thursday in Mount Pleasant, Central Michigan Life, 2/16/2012

Austen Hovers, Opinion wavers on president’s speech – The Michigan Daily, The Michigan Daily, 1/29/2012