Don’t believe the “safe fracking” “safe track record” storyline

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The Michigan DEQ and gas industry are in full spin mode, repeating the industry’s lies about horizontal fracking –the insidious, massive industrialization that is about to invade Michigan–that have been sold to people around the country. Unless we can stop it.

Setting the Record Straight

Dr. Chris Grobbel, a scientist who once worked for the DEQ and now in private consulting on contamination cases, gave a talk recently in the Irish Hills in which he debunks the entire DEQ fairy tale of their past “clean record.” See Grobbel’s power point presentation Environmental Risks of Michigan Oil and Natural Gas Development. (Used with permission)

And a new documentary film is in the works that looks promising: “Unearthed: The Fracking Facade.” You will recognize the Michigan DEQ storyline in it.

See the 24-minute trailer: