Michiganders: Getting a ban on fracking on the ballot needs YOU

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Need more Volunteers
By LuAnne Kozma

To get a ban on fracking and frack wastes on the November 2016 ballot, the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan needs more people to help collect signatures.

If you haven’t been involved, now is the time. It’s urgent. We’ve got a state to protect!

The deadline for collecting all the signatures is end of May 2016.


This is grassroots democracy

Over 150,000 people signed the petition last year. We were at as many festivals, farmers markets, concerts, and street corners as we could last spring, summer and fall. Nearly 800 people were involved. We were everywhere! We met enthusiastic supporters from every county in the state.

At our press conference in November 2015 with our 150,000 signatures.

At our press conference in November 2015 with our 150,000 signatures.We are a true grassroots campaign.

We are a true grassroots campaign. Last year, 100 volunteers collected over 92,000 signatures. Another 659 volunteers collected nearly 43,000 signatures. Paid circulators collected an additional 16,000.

Using our 150,000 signatures collected in 2015

The signatures collected last year have been verified using the Qualified Voter File. We plan to use all of the valid signatures in the submittal. While there is a Legislative effort to stop us through Senate Bill 776, (currently in the House Elections Committee), if passed, it will only force us into court.IMG_9157

But without enough signatures to submit, we can’t continue the fight. We’re not at the 252,523 valid signature mark yet.

During the long winter, many people dropped out, for various reasons: ill health, family obligations, moving out of state, etc. The bottom line is, we need NEW people to step up and participate.

Collecting signatures is easy

It’s not hard collecting signatures. Standing outside talking to people, asking them to sign, can take as little as one hour to collect 25 signatures. Outside a busy coffee shop in a northern Michigan city last Saturday, it was cold but sunny, and I was able to collect signatures from 30 people in just 1 and a half hours. It’s that easy. And we hear spring is on its way!

We need volunteers to collect more than just a few signatures, because it’s difficult for the team of organizers to take the time to train thousands of people who do only a handful–we’re volunteers too, and time is very limited to get this done.

So please. If you want to see this proposal on the ballot . . . Step up. Sign up. Collect signatures.

There’s no magic bullet, no magical group of people that will swoop in and do it for us.

When you sign up, we’ll teach you how to fill out the sheets property, give you official petitions and a clipboard, mentor you, and get you started.

We’ve come this far. Let’s get all the signatures we need

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. Don’t assume that others will do it for you.

And Spring events are upon us! Collect signatures at flower sales, craft fairs, sport events, races and runs, food fests, concerts, busy sidewalks, Arbor Day, Earth Day, Mothers Day . . . and more.

This campaign needs you.

Join us and sign up today at www.LetsBanFracking.org

If you cannot physically volunteer to collect signatures, please DONATE to the campaign to hire some individuals and teams to help out the volunteer effort.

Let’s Ban Fracking and protect Michigan from the many harms of fracking. See the campaign brochure here.



LuAnne Kozma is the campaign director of the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan, and also the president of the non-profit group, Ban Michigan Fracking.